ICoSI is basically an umbrella of the Conferences held by UMY. ICoSI is held annually.

Focal Conferences are actually the core of ICoSI. They individually held the call for papers and parallel presentations. However, all Focal Conferences are organized collaboratively within ICoSI.

Yes. ICoSI calls for papers from scholars from all fields of sciences relavant with the theme.

Yes. Everyone can attend ICoSI as either presenters or particicpants

Every participants (both presenters and non-presenters) must create an account in ICoSI Conference System (https://conference.umy.ac.id)

Yes. Everyone should create an account to ease the bill / invoice and distribution of certificate.

All payments for ICoSI should be paid to the official bank account of ICoSI UMY. More information could be found in ‘https://conference.umy.ac.id and you shall ask for confirmation from the committee upon succesful payment transaction.

We prefer individual payment. If you pay collectively, everyone else must upload their payment proofs. This is to ease the confirmation.

All participants who have the bill to pay must upload the payment proof to the ICoSI Conference System.

(Only the corresponding author and other authors (participants) who are presenting is billed; So they must make a the payment and upload the payment proof)

All authors who wish to attend the presentation must pay IDR 1.000.000,- (USD 125) respectively. The bill is shown in ICoSI Conference System.

IDR 500.000,- (USD 75) is charged for each paper under the same corresponding author

Information about ICoSI UMY and its contact can be seen in https://icosi.umy.ac.id/contact/