ASIAN Conference on Comparative Laws


In an increasingly interconnected world, where geographies of protection are premised on the centrality of national territory and state sovereignty, the importance of being cognizant of the concept of location/geography/space/place in the comparative law arena, cannot be underestimated.

Does comparative law continue to contrast the laws of states, or is there now, a new focus? What effect does this have on the diversity inherent in plural legal systems? How are different types of laws (state/customary/indigenous/international) (dis/re)located? How does this (dis)location impact our analysis of these laws, including any effort at being a ‘comparativist’? What does this mean for places of transience not holding enough significance to be regarded as legal places? This conference questions traditional narratives of comparative law, in the context of the increasing complexity of legal orders within, between and beyond states.

Faculty of Law Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta in collaboration with Association of Indonesian Comparative Laws initiates the Second  ASIAN Conference on Comparative Laws which will be held in the end of July, 2019.

The conference aims to encourage theoretical and empirical interdisciplinary reflection on comparative law and space, to explore why location matters, and ensure cognizance of the sensitivities of location in comparative law. However, any comparative topic may be proposed, e.g. private law, criminal law and criminal justice, public or constitutional law, legal education, etc.

Theme and Sub Themes


“Innovation and Sustainability in Disruptive Era”


“Sustainable Legal Reform: Comparative Law Approach in Asia”

Conference Programs

Plenary Speakers

  1. Farid Sufian Shuaib (IIUM)
  2. Dr. Susi Dwi Harijanti (Indonesian Association of Comparative Law)



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